_What is keener?

We question the essence of those phenomena that we likely ignore in daily life, perhaps because they make us uncomfortable or they may lead to misunderstanding and we aim to open a conversation with the people who missed it.

When invisible things that are neglected and misunderstood are expressed boldly, it reveals that they were more obvious than anything else and that we had found ourselves unable to notice before.

Keener will become a space that captures a sharp gaze within diverse activities. Throughout performance, exhibition, campaign, product design and social media we hope to create cultural contents that makes unseen things see.

_Contact Us:
email: wearekeener@gmail.com

instagram: @keen__er

Did you like our content? We’re still a young project but if you want to make a donation it would be one more reason for us to improve. And by the way, if you are interested and want to ask for further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

IBAN: IT58X0569611009CC1000062500